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  • Do your people aspire to COLLABORATE 
    but jumble and fumble as the clock ticks?


  • Do your colleagues talk of TACKLING TOUGH DECISIONS 
    but can't see how to take that first step?


  • Does your team speak of ENCOURAGING OPEN DIALOG 
    but become paralyzed by candid dissent?

Linedrawing of two people with a lght bulb in between, sharing an idea
line drawing of a person pointing to his head and throat, symbolizing thinking with his heart

Let’s face it. Working effectively and productively with smart, creative people is messy. People with differing perspectives, strong opinions and key organizational roles create a certain kind of friction when problems need to be solved, issued addressed or plans created.

It can be tough to watch that friction fire up – especially when it threatens to burn the house down!

But with friction comes the energy needed to move ahead. We don’t need to be afraid of friction: it’s the spark that brightens the room and that lights up the people in that room.

Imagine what can happen when you harness that persistent, energy-filled and precious friction to see the possibilities and enact your future. Be illuminated!

Illumination: this is what I do. Imagine how much you and your people can accomplish when competing ideas are concretely visualized.

Image of Martha C. Bean holding a drawing she has done for a client to illustrate a strategic process

I Draw Out

Your Success

  • More than 25 years experience mediating complex disputes

  • Adept with graphic facilitation

  • Proficient collaboration specialist and conflict coach

  • Practical, digital approach to problem solving

  • Expertise in visioning and strategic planning processes

  • Help you harness your creativity and intelligence for difficult decisions and collaborative problem solving

  • Enhance the capabilities of your dynamic organization

  • High performance with gravitas and grace

Images Enhance Understanding

Our language is full of pictures. When we speak of what we care about, of what we know, or of what we hope for, our words become filled with imagery. Turning verbal imagery into actual pictures can, indeed, replace '1000 words'. Pictures are an efficient and universal communication tool.  Imagery is clear and deeply nuanced at the same time.


Used in a collaborative setting, or in conjunction with mediation and facilitation, imagery generates dialog, promotes comprehension, expedites discussion and catalyzes creativity as groups work toward a common goal. 

Drawing of people in a row boat tryin to get somewhere
Drawing of a spinning wheel with people playing different roles in the game
Image of a human "bean", Martha C Bean's logo

What People Say

Martha is a highly skilled mediator/facilitator. She is great with people and has a great knack for finding common ground. She is technically competent, being quite knowledgeable about technology, environmental sciences and processes, and political and legal issues.

Former State Environmental

Agency Director

Connect with Me

206 • 947 • 1374

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