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About Martha C. Bean


Martha C. Bean enhances the capabilities of dynamic organizations through her practical, visual and digital approach to complex problem solving. Martha is a mediator, graphic facilitator, collaboration specialist, and conflict coach. Over twenty-five years of experience mediating complex disputes, conducting visioning and strategic planning processes gives Martha the gravitas, grace and knowledge to harness peoples' creativity and intelligence as they make complex decisions and collaborate on problem solving. Click here for a client list, and here for words of appreciation for Martha's work. Martha works through Triangle Associates in Seattle.


The secret sauce of Martha’s success is her ability to quickly convey complex information, bold ideas and abstract concepts via graphics and imagery. Martha focuses people on results and products. She gets right to the point: listening carefully to what her clients need and want, and guiding them to what works. Her years of experience allow her cut to the chase as she works with clients to design approaches, uncover options and issues, and define outcomes to move an organization forward. in 1981 Martha received a graduate degree from one of the first environmental policy planning programs in the country, U.C. Berkeley. From that date forward she has brought her analytic skills to her work as a mediator, facilitator and graphic facilitator. 



Martha is adept with on-line and digital meeting platforms, as well as on-line services that enhance collaboration. She brings her ability to readily grasp what information will catalyze communication, clarify puzzles and spur creativity when conveyed visually. Martha then uses her facility with digital drawing and sketching tools to capture the work of the group. She can work ‘real time’ creating imagery in face-to-face meetings or as a part of virtual workshops and seminars.



Martha’s clients become energized and engaged as they see, unfolding before them, a comprehensive view of their own words and perspectives. Martha illuminates processes, issues, decision space, project milestones, priorities, concepts, meeting results - just about anything you might think of – to strengthen and speed the work of her clients. Graphic products are built in concert with her clients. The products retain nuance and complexity while simultaneously capturing – literally – the big picture. Martha’s written products are illustrated and enhanced with visuals derived from the words of her clients. 

" I have the great privilege of loving my profession and vocation. And so it is a blessing and an honor to work each day. In addition to my work, I serve on the Board of Alumni Advisors to the Dean of Huxley College of the Environment at Western Washington University.  I served for several years on the Board of Salish Sea Expeditions was a volunteer tutor with Seattle Public Schools. For over ten years, with my husband and sons, we fostered teenagers who received asylum after fleeing conflict in their countries of origin. I enjoy vocal music of all varieties, and local alternative theatrer. My husband, a geologist with special expertise in the Pacific Northwest, both enjoy outdoor activities of all kinds, being with our family and friends and enjoying our wonderful region." 

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