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Martha C. Bean

Complexities Visualized & Resolved

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About Martha

My passion is illuminating how dedicated groups of creative people can achieve their common goals.

PURPOSE: I am a Visual Strategist and Graphic Facilitator. I use visual tools and strategies to energize creativity, harness genius and focus collaboration among dynamic leaders, teams and organizations.  My work supports social justice, focusing on the expression of social justice through a healthy and functioning ecosystem for all.  I work on projects and issues that make a positive difference.  I do my work with an ever-present awareness that creativity, intellect and the ability to listen, analyze and synthesize are gifts I am both obligated and delighted to use.

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I am a native of Seattle who did much of my growing up on the dry side of the Cascades, in orchard country. I live where I can pursue my interests of skiing, hiking, music making and my perpetual work on a wood-frame kayak. I am a cancer survivor/thriver, spending as much time as I can on my recumbent bicycle. My geologist husband and I live where we can enjoy our extended family and chonky cat Roo.

MISSION: I use visual tools and strategies to energize creativity, harness genius and focus collaboration among dynamic leaders, teams and organizations.  Through imagery and the insights gained from three decades of professional practice, I support leaders as they generate ideas and plans, grapple with complex issues and ready themselves to act on opportunities. My visual and graphic skills stimulate candid and inventive exploration of facts, concepts and options, and support people to make decisions with ‘legs'.

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Whether as a mediator, graphic facilitator, family member or engaged citizen, I always come back to being of service of others.

My work is all about helping people in dynamic groups get beyond paralysis that is often pervasive when opinions are heartfelt, perspectives strong and facts uncertain or conflicting. This paralysis encumbers real change.

It is my mission to illustrate and shine a bright light on how you can use the spark that comes from your candid discourse and creative dissent. Use that spark to create a future that is clear, promising and productive. Use that spark to stoke the fire that allows you to boldly and confidently enter your future

I know it’s possible to do this. Why? Because for decades I’ve worked with groups of engaged people, sometimes with wildly differing perspectives, to reach agreement on common goals and how to reach them.


I’ve worked with people disputing labor wages, nuclear waste disposal, economic development, healthy food and how to use, respect and protect national parks.


Your issues and organization are unique. Yet I know from deep experience that components of your situation will be deeply familiar to me, allowing me to fully serve you with expertise, thoughtfulness and clarity.

In my capacity as the facilitator, mediator and guide for you and your organization, I make the following commitments to you:

  • I will see your spark and draw it out.

  • I will listen carefully, graciously and analytically to your ideas and issues.

  • I will bring the totality of my experience and creativity to your project and your people.

  • I will hear and report back to you on the challenges and opportunities I see.

  • I will use your words to illuminate alternative ways of thinking and new approaches to old problems.

  • I will be a thoughtful, no-nonsense guide as you develop your future.

  • I will recognize, support, encourage and applaud change.


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