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People Say: 

Colorful drawing of people in a meeting looking at maps

The Director of Sustainability for International Development Corporation 

and former Chair of U.S. Green Building Council

"I consider Martha an esteemed colleague and value her as a member of my own professional network. On several occasions, I have reached out to Martha for her wisdom and she has generously shared her insight and/or connected me to others in her professional network. This brings me to the last thing I would like to mention on Martha’s behalf: character. Much can be learned in order to meet the skills necessary for any given job, indeed I find that Martha is a perpetual student. Yet, in my experience, character is not learned; it is either innate or forged over the arc of a career. Martha Bean is a woman of exceptional character and good humor. She finds the best in people, is patient, collegial, productive and thoughtful. These personal attributes on top of a foundation of deep professional skills." 


Attorney and former State Environmental Agency Director

“Martha is a highly skilled mediator/facilitator. She is great with people and has a great knack for finding common ground. She is technically competent, being quite knowledgeable about technology, environmental sciences and processes, and political and legal issues. She is organized and an excellent communicator. I highly recommend her.” 

Senior Exec

Senior Project Executive

"Martha brought a wealth of experience, tools and focus to the table. She guided a group of representatives… with dramatically different styles. Her planning was critical to the success of our effort. Stakes were high; we hoped to garner public support for a complex process. Ms. Bean’s guidance was critical to that success.” 


National Parks Super

“Your attention to detail and promptness helped ensure the success of the project. Your patience and focus were very much appreciated; you were consistently a pleasure to work with. Your involvement consistently improved the meaning; your thoughtful drawing helped explain the nuances of…. [the] policy making processes.”  


Communication Specialist

Ms. Bean worked with our team to develop a strategic planning process. Her work to help us identify stakeholders and how to tailor our approach to each audience was worth its weight in gold.  Martha listened carefully to what we were trying to achieve and then provided her ideas on how we could enhance our efforts. She introduced our multi-organization team to information sharing and planning tools which improved our coordination and efficiency. She not only found these tools for us to use but she also invested the time to teach us how to use them.  She is a gifted teacher. 

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