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Martha C. Bean

Complexities Visualized & Resolved

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Drawing of two women buiding a frame that vivifies a part of the surroundings

Complexities Visualized and Resolved

  • Assess the needs and interests of the people in the organization 

  • Design agendas and mechanisms for engagement

  • Define required outcomes

  • Coordinate background information for participants

  • Locate, brief and field-test presenters and panelists 

  • Identify and design on-site, off-site and online participation

  • Train co-leaders and co-facilitators 

  • Facilitate event to focus on essential discourse, outcomes and products 

  • Enable individual participants to represent and advocate for their interests while understanding those of co-participants

  • Use graphic facilitation techniques and other innovative engagement tools

  • Summarize and document results 

  • Provide customized training on a wide variety of collaborative practices

  • Teach facilitation and effective meeting management

  • Demonstrate graphic facilitation

  • Set up remote meeting management when desired (for Zoom and conference calls)

  • Perform conflict assessment and engagement, mediation and collaboration skills

  • Value and creatively work with dissent and difference

Martha's Facilitation & Mediation Skills

Drawing of a strategic overview of an agency and its change process

Graphic Facilitation

A hallmark of Martha’s work is her ability to convey complex technical, scientific and
organizational concepts using simple real-time drawings. Drawn from the ideas and experiences of the group, she combines cartooning with exceptional facilitation skills to propel clients and colleagues to have the conversations and build the outcomes they desire.

Drawing of an organization's plan for community clean up

Herding Cats

Whether it be leading a meeting, managing a complex project, or illuminating key facts and
ideas, Martha inspires diverse and busy people to cooperate and coordinate on goals, plans,
programs and products. She knows when to hold a meeting. And, just as important, when not to. 
As process maven, she helps groups know when consensus is essential and when it is not.

Photo of Martha and colleagues providing graphic facilitation

Issues Assessment, Mediation, and Conflict Coaching

Issue assessment, mediation and conflict coaching: Decades of experience leading multi-party collaborative processes have given Martha deep knowledge of when, how and why to bring people together to resolve challenges and embrace opportunities. She honors differing
perspectives and values while simultaneously getting all to focus on essential tasks and topics. Martha guides groups to have conversations that are on-point, candid and respectful. She counsels and coaches leaders and members of organizations to do the same.


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