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Data Protection Policy

Required Data Protection Policies

In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation in effect for European citizens since 25 May 2018, and a number of similar laws passed and coming in various states, strives to comply with reasonable and required policies for protecting clients’ personal information.

Gathered Information

Your name, email address, your phone number and possibly other personal data are collected and maintained on Wix servers, on G Suite, and on my hard drive when you use a website form to contact me.  This data is removed from my hard drive after 2 years if further services have not been requested.  It is also removed from the Wix and G Suite accounts on a more frequent basis. I do not monetize (share or sell) your information to any 3rd party merchants or service providers.  I do not have access to your credit or debit card information, or bank account when you retain my services with a payment via PayPal. It is recommended that you read PayPal’s policies on data protection at

About Browser / Analytic Cookies

This website's sitemap may have been submitted to Google Search Console for site ranking purposes in Google's search engine. Google uses computer code called cookies which can ascertain your general location, computer IP address, and type of device used (desktop / laptop / cell phone / tablet) for the purpose of tracking internet use by the general public. However, that information is not monitored by me, nor by this website's host. 

Your browser  -- whether Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla FireFox, Microsoft Edge, etc -- may track your browsing history with the use of cookies (bits of computer code inserted into your computer when your browse the internet). ​Most cookies used when visiting this website are temporary and expire shortly after you leave the website. Any other cookies can be deleted from your computer’s system by your direct action via your browser in clearing your cache and deleting cookies.  Neither I nor this website's host have access to your browser history. It is recommended that you routinely delete your browser and download history, and clear your cache on a weekly basis. Consult your browser support for how to do that.


This website's webhost, Wix, does gather and aggregate minimal non-identifying information such as which pages and posts are visited the most, at what time of day on which days, on which social media any pages or posts are shared, and which countries visitors are coming from. This helps me know what kind of content my readers are most interested in, so that I can provide more of it. Neither I nor Wix can see your IP address, or city.


You are encouraged to check this disclosure page on subsequent visits to this website for further information in the unlikely event that changes to the analytics software have been made.


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